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Some of the techniques included in

 Panetta Healing :-

                linguists, meditation, energy healing, colour & sound therapy

 homeopathic "principles" as its foundation. 

We use the well tested "core themes" of these techniques (and others) to create a system of healing unique in our world today.


The Course covers topics such as :-

Perception : We look at how our "perception" of our reality creates delusion compelling us to act in a way contrary to health and wellbeing

Understanding and dissolving "core issues"


   Dis-ease patterns

Homeopathic principles

Study of homeopathic remedy characters to aid understanding of core themes of personality

Music and creative writing as a healing tool

Art as a Healing Tool

Meditation / visualisation techniques

Our Wealth World : Wealth of the

 Spiritual & Material World

Planetary Consciousness

For perfect harmony to exist we need equal balance on ALL planes - Mind &  Body -  Planetary & Materially





The Panetta Healing Course

has been designed with YOU in Mind.


Life doesn't work by chance. You have made a conscious decision to visit this website today.for a reason.......

  We are looking for people to join our Course who are self-motivated and willing to make a conscious decision to devote time and energy to the healing of our Planet  and Self.

And its free!

Yes - free.....

Are you thinking that only things which have a monetary value attached to it are worth anything?

The Panetta Healing Course is about thinking "outside the box" - and while recognising material substance is vital in a material world the Panetta Course believes its values stretch far beyond the material plane.Consequently it puts aside monetary values in order that all people are able to study the Course no matter what their material background.

What the Course DOES ask of its students is dedication to study and a willingness to develop a deep desire to help Man and Planet.

Panetta Healing techniques are vast. Some students may wish to "specialise" at some point by attending a homeopathic college etc. This Course will give such a student an invaluable foundation to the World of Homeopathic Thinking.

However, Panetta Healing believes that holistic healing should be according to the need of the "patient" and while one therapy will be the primary factor in the healing of that patient other therapies such as meditation, linguistics, are also vital to the wholeness of cure.

Frequently lasting cure has come through by helping a patient work with meditation and visualisation only - and in this way they become their own healer.....



Consequently Panetta Healing is a healing technique "in its own right" but which can also be implemented within the current trends of medicine according to patient need.