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The World of the Mappa Mundi


 Panetta Healing visualises the World of the Mappa Mundi as a combination of the homeopathic mappa mundi, astrological interpretations, linguistics, numerology  and music  based on the musical Circle of Fifths. 

 Life has repeating patterns occurring between the varying forms of vibrational occurrences. The numerology form of the "Tree of Life" can be seen as part of the "material, linear plane" of  sequences  and the study of repeating themes in language, both in rhythm and word all part of vibrational occurrences. 

 "In the homeopathic world a term is loosely used of "homeopathic aggravations"; however, ALL medicine - including varying forms of holistic medicine, can produce "aggravations" - the Maypole of Life Course  with the Panetta Linguistics Programme,  primary function is to encourage healing without the anguish of "aggravations". The person is able to go at the pace of their own choosing - and this in turn alleviates aggravations : the patient is in control of their own pace of healing. 







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   Without the dedication of Misha Norland to the homeopathic World of the Mappa Mundi it would not have been possible to create the Panetta Healing Chart. Throughout his career Misha has kept the Flame of the homeopathic Mappa Mundi truly bright and it has given Panetta Healing the opportunity to expand the vision of vibrational healing with the homeopathic Mappa Mundi as its basis. 

For study of the classical homeopathic Mappa Mundi Panetta Healing believes there is no homeopathic school better equipped to demonstrate its creative and healing powers than :-



 Misha Norland, Founder of the School of Homeopathy, Stroud, Glos, UK www.homeopathyschool.com   says of his own teacher, John Damonte :

"John Damonte provided the inspiration I needed to set me upon my path as a healer and homeopath. He provided me with a vision of what it is to follow a path of knowledge, beginning with that of self, from which an understanding of the world may be gained. He also fanned the flames of my enthusiasm for learning about materia medica and philosophy, thats the stuff that underpins the science of homeopathy, by setting them within the wider study of nature. In so doing he set the micro within the framework of the macrocosm, and the suffering human with context of the wider suffering of all sentient beings, a suffering that can cease at the fluttering of an eyelid! It happens when you stop the chatter, and let in the wider reality".

Misha Norland, October 2010






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