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  If we free the anguish of our thought - we free the anguish of our body as well - become a free being.........


The Panetta Songs & Poems are still in an early stage of development - but recent results with the songs are showing that they have a very definite usefulness within the healing process.


One particular area of usefulness is in homeopathy - where several remedies may have a very similar "picture" and it has now been found that by encouraging a person to use a song that would seem to be close to the patient's own vibrational frequency the person not only is empowering themselves on their own healing journey by using the song - but it also clarifies the remedy required.


However, the healing songs do not need to be used by homeopaths alone!  We are ALL capable of learning how to use them! The important aspect is to match the resonance of the person suffering from the dis-ease state. This is where study of the Panetta Linguistics is essential.  


 "Word language" is not the only factor - if we think for instance of a deaf and dumb person - they have their own unique "vibrational sound" - or indeed look at the World of Animals with their own unique language.......


Think also of "thought" - thought is "energy" - and "like attracts like" - so what we think - we attract to us - the

"Law of Attraction"!


This is where the Panetta charts (see chart page by clicking this link) can be of use. Understanding - really understanding - that

Law of Attraction......










The Power of the Word is indeed very powerful......

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All ages welcome!







                             The Magic of Nature ...................







 Nature at work - the ultimate

                                        Weaver of Life








 The spoken Word is a very powerful sound

as the Cry of the Newborn Baby - 

the vibration of its cry announcing its arrival

 to the Earth Plane

The vibration of its Soul....





   Song : The Weaving of the Tapestry 

  This Song by Panetta Healing has been written as a Song of Empowerment -  particularly suited to those people who are feeling in need of support. The Song was originally written as the "positive" aspect to go with the Song "Its lonely at the top" but Panetta Healing has found many people have requested a copy finding it empowering "in its own right" and so release this Song as a "Song of Empowerment" for us all.    

(Note:  Panetta Healing is greatly indebted to the inspiration of April & Allen Crawford & Veronica of www.aprilcrawford.com  for the original idea of the Weaving of the Tapestry To receive a free mp3 download of this song please contact Panetta Healing by clicking on this link. 

Musicians & vibrational therapists!

Try this little exercise :


Play a slow piece of instrumental music - at the speed required to give emotion to that music i.e. of sadness.

Now play exactly the same piece of music again - but this time very upbeat - happy in rhythm.

What was your result?

Did you find that once you played the sad music in an upbeat style it suddenly transformed your own energy and those listening to you into a brighter form?

So what does this mean to healers?

First of all comes THOUGHT

Then we translate "thought" into a RHYTHM

The "rhythm" in turn is translated into an EXTERNAL LANGUAGE - cry of a baby - barking of a dog - our own language i.e. English, Japanese etc. 

Think of someone who has a stutter - the stutter is a disturbance of the internal rhythm of that person on a deeper level.

Think of someone who doesn't finish one sentence before starting another - its hard to keep up with them! (There is an animal in nature like that - do you know which one it is?.....)


So this shows that everything is vibration - and our words are the external manifestation of our internal world.




 If you are a musician and wish to look into music as a Healing Art  or are interested generally in the work of Panetta Healing - we are waiting to hear from you!                         



"Thought" has its own vibration


- what we think


- is what we become......


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